Productive Ageing (Ebook/PDF)

On the Art of Staying Active and Alive

Sünje Lorenzen / Katja Specht
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For many people, growing old is an unpleasant experience. It is a time of restriction, deprivation and of loss. You retire from work, lose your loved ones and have to cope with illness. It is an art to remain productive, to ensure that life remains meaningful, and to stay active and alive. This social psychological study shows how people of old age manage this within their various lifestyles, whether they live in senior citizens homes, in assisted-living projects, in their own apartments, alone or together with others.

Sünje Lorenzen
Prof. Dr. phil. Sünje Lorenzen ist Professorin für Wirtschaftspsychologie, Dipl.-Volkswirtin und M. Sc. Wirtschaftspsychologin. Ihre Arbeitsfelder sind: neue Arbeitswelten, qualitative Forschungsmethoden und Alten- und Pflegeforschung.

Katja Specht
Dr. phil. Katja Specht ist Dipl.-Psychologin. Ihre Arbeitsfelder sind: Freundschaftsbeziehungen,
qualitative Forschungsmethoden und Alten- und Pflegeforschung.